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Organizational Exchange Programs (OEP)

(Human Medicine - Dentistry - Pharmacy - Physiotherapy - Nursing)



1- Definition & Aims

2- Our partners

3- General schedule

4- Conditions

5- Registration



 1- Definition & Aims


Organizational Exchange Programs (OEP) are international programs through which the international undergraduate and postgraduate organizations, faculties & Universities are invited to set exchange protocols with The Egyptian Association for International Medical Studies (EAIMS) on the base of bilateral agreement in the following fields and their related subspecialties:  Human Medicine - Dentistry - Pharmacy - Physiotherapy - Nursing.


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 2- Our partners

  • - International EAIMS partner organizations.

  • - Cairo University, Faculties of: Human Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy & Nursing.

  • - Medical Education Development Center (MEDC), Faculty of Medicine, Cairo university, Egypt.

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 3- General schedule



4 weeks clinical training in a previously chosen specialty, including clinical rounds, out patient clinics, seminars & round table discussions .


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 4- Conditions


"According to its specialty (Human Medicine - Dentistry - Pharmacy - Physiotherapy - Nursing) your international organization is welcomed to contact us to establish such program  on the base of bilateral agreement."


"The following conditions are suggested to be equally applied for both International & Egyptian Exchange Candidates" :


1- Available Exchange Fields: All the following fields and their related subspecialties are available: Human Medicine - Dentistry - Pharmacy - Physiotherapy - Nursing.

2- Number & Level of Exchange Studies Offered Per Year: up to 10 Certified Undergraduate Clinical Clerkships and up to 10 Certified Postgraduate Clinical Clerkships
3- Duration of Clerkship: one calendar month (4 weeks), (6 working hours daily, 5 days a week & 2 days weekend).

4- Available Months: August, September, October & November every year.

5- Language: English.    

6- Registration fees:  not required.

7- Accommodation (4 weeks): At the faculty  hostel, or at an equivalent hostel.


8- Special Remarks:
. OEP applicants should follow the morals and tradition of the hosting country, faculty & organization.

. OEP applicants will afford the cost of their airplane tickets, transportation & outings.

. Any company with OEP applicants (e.g. a relative or a friend) shall be responsible for his/her personal board and lodging.
. In case of early arrival before the beginning of the clinical clerkship, OEP applicants shall be responsible for their personal board and lodging. Same applies in case they extend their stay after the clinical clerkship.

. OEP applicants will be received at the place of arrival by an official representative.

. OEP applicants should attend not less than 80% of the training program days in order to get the training certificate.


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 5- Registration


A- Bilateral paperwork transfer & its corresponding deadlines: if the above conditions are accepted, 2 copies of all applicants' packages should be sent via post, fax and also via Email as email attachments at least  3 months before the beginning of OEP. Each applicant's package must contain the following documents:

         a) Application Form

         b) CV + 4 recent photos

         c) Motivation letter

         d) English language certificate

         e) Copy of passport

         f) Recommendation letter from the faculty


B- Finalizing the bilateral paperwork process: After receiving the applicants' packages, the hosting organization should send 2 copies of an official invitation letter for each receiving applicant via post, fax and also via Email as email attachment at least 6 weeks before the beginning of OEP, one copy to its embassy in the sending organization country and the other copy to the sending organization itself. The official invitation letter should contain the details of final acceptance in order to help each applicant to get the visa. Subsequently, after getting the required visa, each applicant should send a notification E-mail containing the exact date, time & way of his/her arrival 2 weeks before the beginning of the arranged clerkship.


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